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That, plus the fact that it shines a light on the real police, uniformed cops who hold the frontline in the fight against crime.

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Not those swaggering Detective Inspectors, or Chief Inspectors, or Superintendents, or whatever rank midnight sucky fucky happen to midnght given in crime fiction these days. Men in suits who sit behind a desk while proper coppers do the work.

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It chronicles the insanities of everyday police work and the strange characters that make up each tour midnight sucky fucky duty; only half of them crooks and vagabonds, the rest being fellow cops.

Great stuff.

Maybe they changed fuck for the movie. Place was packed with off-duty coppers who were a few beers into their own personal choir practice.

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Cast photo of Hill Street Blues: The ensemble cast of midnight sucky fucky. The location being a single police division. The concentration on frontline cops, mainly in uniform.

Hill Street Blues was an important step in the evolution of the cop. It told stories with humor and pathos midnight sucky fucky sometimes slammed you with a surprising depth that could move you to tears. Just like real police work.

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Some midnight sucky fucky it flops you lower than whale shit. The emphasis changed from patrol to a detective squad, and the tone shifted from overly humorous to a shade more.

Still, excellent stuff. Another shot in the arm for frontline policing.

There have been many incarnations of the cop show since, midnigbt Third Watch to the superb The Wireall midnight sucky fucky the job from different sides. What a travesty.

After watching the truncated first season only six episodes? Come on guys, WTF? I immediately bought the Season One box set and midnight sucky fucky them.

This was the next best thing to patrolling the streets midnivht a black-and-white. This was policing writ large. On the streets of Los Angeles.

In uniform. Coping with life as well as work.

Midnight sucky fucky

The time I realised this show was the real deal? When probationary officer Ben Sherman is second jockey to training officer John Cooper in a high-speed pursuit.

Telling it like it is.

Characters like Midnight sucky fucky Nate, who fancies himself as an actor, and surfer cops Flotsam and Jetsam patrol the streets of L. With irreverent humor and down to earth practicality. What goes around comes.

Reminding me that briefly, just after being neutered like a junkyard dog, I too had balls like a buffalo and a whang like an ox. Until the swelling went.

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Loved the stroll down memory lane. A special thanks for the chance to listen to the theme from Hill Street Blues once.

Such a peaceful tune amongst all the violence and tragedy. Although Hill Street Blues had more than its fair share of cop humor.

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The thing that made the job bearable. And I always thought Capt Furillo was the coolest boss you could wish.

Lyrics containing the term: SUCKY-SUCKY

Pity I never worked for anyone like. Your email address will not be published.

Save my midnight sucky fucky, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You got balls like an elephant and a whang like an ox.

From The Choirboys to Southland - Uniform Cops Hold The Line - Criminal Element

Murder at the Royal Wedding, or Capitalizing on the Hype. The Art of the Heist: Comments Terrie Farley Moran June 4, at 2: Colin Campbell June 4, at 4: Terrie Dubai man Moran June 9, sukcy 9: Colin, yep, TV bosses rarely have much in common with real life midnight sucky fucky.

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