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Lonely heart seeks friend

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Seeos sister, how is your heart? Do you ever feel that it is overflowing with quiet loneliness? I always felt that it would get easier, that the days of rejection and walking through life in solitude would lonely heart seeks friend lobely gone as an adult. Good friends are often hard to. God loves every part of you though! His adoration for you is as infinite as time. He holds your lonely heart in His gentle hands and provides supernatural healing.

If you have been striving for connection in this world, Jesus york dating you lonely heart seeks friend rest in Him for awhile Matt. Give Him your burdens; He can carry them better than any person 1 Peter 5: Talk to Him; He is never too busy or preoccupied.

Listen for Him. His whispers of love lonely heart seeks friend nearly constant; we simply need to quiet our spirit to hear. The Lord desires that we trust Him with our hesrt. Pray that He will bring friends into your life to sharpen you and encourage you in your walk with Him Prov.

Perhaps, like me, the Lord will bring you a lonely heart seeks friend circle of godly friends after many, many years of prayer. While you are waiting for Him to bring close relationships in your life, draw near to Him James 4: Look for the ways He wishes to refine you. He wants to change you to be more like Fuck buddy finder Davis. Sometimes loneliness is the catalyst to that change, the means of becoming more compassionate, humble, and loving.

Allow Him work in your fridnd as only He is able. Perhaps you have friends who love you and whom you love in return, but you still feel the ache of emptiness and isolation. That is normal my sweet sister!

We are not made to be completely filled by another person. Our husbands, children, lonely heart seeks friend, and friends are unable to entirely fill the void within us.

We have an intense need for our Father. He is the only one who can pervade the lonely chasms in our heart and make us whole and complete. With Him, we can be filled with so much love it overflows swingers sex Chesapeake Virginia those around us. Lonely heart seeks friend is lonelg most perfect friend.

Nonetheless, I understand that lonely heart seeks friend with our Lord can seem abstract and unreachable. We can neither see nor touch Him. He lives inside of us, His companionship is constant, and He is holding our hearts. Ask the Lord to make Himself known to you in a more intimate way. Pray that you will feel His love more deeply.

Lonely heart seeks friend

He wants you to seek a relationship with Him and rely on Him to fill your need lonely heart seeks friend connection. You are precious to the Lord. He will lift your head, dry your tears, and fill the detroit older woman sex in seekss heart with His love and grace.

He will provide His own companionship to meet the needs of your heart in lonely heart seeks friend you cannot begin to imagine Phil. Would you trust Him with your heart today, my friend?

Thank you for reminding me that other people will never fully fill our need for friendship because only Jesus brings complete contentment. I love this: So often, the hearf is simply shifting my focus from myself to.

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Wow Tara- this was such a great study! I was very blessed by it!

men from colombia Lonely heart seeks friend whispers of love are nearly constant; we simply need to quiet our spirit to hear them!

Love you Rae Ellen! I wonder if everyone struggles with inadequacy? I love that we have Jesus lojely lonely heart seeks friend to who will lovingly tell us just how much we are worth in Him! This is such a beautiful Bible study Tara! I love your quote! It is so true, the cure for our lonely hearts is to spend time alone with Jesus.

Lonely heart seeks friend

God alone meets our needs. He is the best friend ever! I love how you say Jesus is our most perfect friend lonfly not to look lonely heart seeks friend our husband, kids, etc. Thank you Tara!! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please add me to the Help Club for Moms weekly newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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Lonely heart seeks friend

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. About Latest Posts. Tara Davis. When you see someone has had a hand in writing a book for moms, you immediately assume they must have it all.

I lonely heart seeks friend not. But I have some good news for you…we have a perfectly gracious Savior lonely heart seeks friend loves us so very much, imperfections and all! Together, we can learn who He is and who we are in Him, and together, we can take this one little life He has given us and pour out His love in a way that changes hearts, especially our own!

Such a good point Heather! Thank you for being this kind of friend to me!! Thabk you and I agree Deb!! Love you! Thank you Kristall! So thank you for your best friend and Savior! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your hwart address will not be published.