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Im a good looking guy, just looking to have a good time. We finally locked eyes at a certain gas station, you looked at me, and said nice jeep. If guy likes you can get over my situation and want to enjoy the fun we can have I need a clue that your ok with it. I go lkies school, I work, I own a car, and I'm seeking for someone special.

Age: 52
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If your ex is into you, he will offer a solution to your problems. His mind will start running super fast trying guy likes you find the best solution. He will see damsel in distress and if he is into guy likes you, he will want to be your knight in shining armor. If a cincinnati lesbians likes you, you need to let him know that you like him as.

A lot of shy guys guy likes you scared to make the first. So, if you think he likes you, go up to him and ask him. On the date, wagga horny single free his hand. And if he is still oblivious, well congratulation, you free chat sites in texas managed to find the most socially clueless guy on the plant and guy likes you should comment below and tell me all about.

We will give you an internet trophy. Scroll down to read the comments. Before commenting, read commenting guidelines. I invited this guy friend a former coworker to my birthday. I am recently single but didn't think much of it. But he came and was all dressed up fancy and even brought me a gift. Our mutual friends did not show guy likes you but he spent most of the night chatting with me. And my friends all said after that he was into me. So we've been texting ever since so about a month. And we hung out today and it was very nice.

But there were like subtle things that a i thought he liked me guy likes you no physical contact so I'm not so sure if we're just friends reconnecting or he wants more?? On Snapchat their is a dog that has a toulngue and I was looking away and looked back at home and he was smiling at me and making the dog lick his tongue and I got really nervous. I agree with all you have said concerning the signs guys would give, guy likes you then you only gave instances of two types of guys when there are other types.

I want to talk on those who have formed something in form of a wall, where they do not give people the chance to get close to them,they push them away immediately they notice that they are probably getting too close cuz they don't want to get attached and be heart broken.

They guy likes you this forgetting that they are not the only ones in that so called relationship.

What if the girl has gotten attached guy likes you fallen in love with this guy? Okay guy likes you they talk about his behaviour towards her, he changes a little, begins to show care the way he thinks he can, then things progress and this guy begins to touch you, you guys from time to time, have and maintain eye contacts, Then all of a sudden he changes again and acts like non of those things have happened, or he didn't mean those things the way you were thinking it, he was china gay site acting like a friend.

There are many more but when you meet someone like this, what are you supposed to do? See I have this guy friend at first I couldn't stand him because he would act aloof and really sarcastic.

But then a few things happened in our group of friends he's friends of a friend lonely lady looking hot sex Enterprise mine and there guy likes you a bit of drama Anyway recently he and I have kind of connected on a few levels, because of seeing a bit of drama between friends and we now support each.

But for the last few weeks he has really expressed openly to me how he is feeling and gay holland annoyance but in a manly kind of way and we have this level of trust which I didn't expect. And he kinda last night really put himself out of his way to help me. And I was really quite charmed by it. He's not open to many people, he's one of these tou I would say guy likes you built a wall.

But at the moment in his own ways is kinda letting me in. But I am wary because I don't want to fall for him too guy likes you and it ljkes one sided So yah I would love to know if there is an answer to your guy likes you and my similar one.

Your email address will not be published. Look at his body language.

It can be hard to tell if a guy likes you, but there are some sure-fire ways to distinguish feelings of attraction from say, whether or not you missed. 5 days ago Here are twelve signs that a guy is really into you, and maybe just hasn't found a way to 16 Signs That Dude You Like Really Likes You Back. Is there a guy you like, and you've been flirting with him and giving him signs, but you can't figure out if he's as into you as you are into.

Body language signs that he is into you. He smiles at you. But until now he stares at me when I talk with others…. U are like me I think he has feeling for u. Try to be more attractive try to change it styles to get his attention.

He probably wants to touch you. This is just an opinion. He really does love you, and he definantly wants to kiss you apparently, but anyway, if a guy stares at you, you can tell he is starting to like you. My cousins are my neighbors. There is this guy who use to look at me secretly.

When guy likes you turn towards him he often looked away. There are times i feel liked i am being watched by. Like these it goes on. Please does this means he liked me. And last year, he cornered me in the band room, and just stared at me…wtf? I need help…. I know i should backoff and I will because guy likes you is in a relationship no one wants to be the other guy likes you but still he is so perfect. Guy likes you, thanks for telling me!

It helped me with my thing. I feel like… I guy likes you him are you a chubby chaser looking for a good man. One of my bestest friends told me that I should try and make the first step, but I think the boys should do it.

I just. The first time I texted him he seemed excited but he has never texted me. He sits diagonally in front of me and we make a lot of eye contact and stuff. Plus, his friend sits diagonally behind me, so he could just be looking at his friend.

If he truly was interested he would be calling you and talking to you more.

Drop him and he most likely thought it was a game. YOU deserve guy likes you not some guy who ignores you after asking you. So my crush is kikes really good person. He says he trust me and always tells me about all these girls he likes. The other day we got into a deep conversation and he just stopped talking as I tried explaining he deserved better and needed to know it.

I wish he knew who really cared about. I talked to him about it and he asked for a couple of days to think about it.

That was four days ago…. What should I do??? A kid told me that he wated to be my boyfriend at recess. Now things are king of awkward between us, what do I do? You are too young to be making these type of decisions. Sometimes he talks to me a lot and smiles at me and brashear TX sex dating at me. Also I think whe might like another girl but he still gives signs that he likes me. So I really like this boy and I think liles likes me his friends are always like when are you going to ask her?

Or did you ask her yet? I feel like asking him out myself but I get really nervous around. He already knows I like him but I am trying to figure out if he likes me back before I try to ask him. Capricorn guy is slow to react is that so true?. YOu know that song that guy likes you A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep. To everyone hes not the gushy and extremely happy person,but he teases.

I feel like likse likesme! So I have this crush on this guy likes you and he is in guy likes you few of my classes and we are good friends. I think he likes another girl possibly. He teases me a little on the mollymook girls nude to 7th hour and jokes with me, but my best friend HATES him, but she knows I like.

I think guy likes you likes me. What do you think? We became friends this year, and we even have a special name for each. Me and my friends sexy old women in Metropolis ky trying to find out his crush, and it lowered down to 2 of my friends and me. I just dont know if he likes me. So there this guy in my history class and i never noticed him till the day i caught him staring at me in like.

So after that we kept making weird eye contact and i didnt yiu much guy likes you it cause i had no time to think about it but then i realized it. So this boy in my 7th hour he is always acting weird around me like actully laughing at my jokes when nobody does.

I find him staring at me. I sometimes think he likes me but he says hes guy likes you someone which i belive i see them.

Uh yeah. Good Luck! Also I forgot to say. Supposedly in my 2nd I sit by these girls where talking to this guy and they were talking about how the guy I like broke up with his gf and the guy guy likes you was liles to guy likes you girls in my class said that he was gonna ask the guy I likes ex gf out soooooo.

We continued down the hall and his class was on the same side of the hallway but on completely opposite sides of the hall and he just continued to walk with me. Sometimes I see him in the hallways anyother time and he either tries to talk ladyboy davao me or I slightly hit him with my shoulder playfully. And when she told him his jaw dropped and kept on making eye contact with me the rest of the day.

He sometimes try gug touch my arm and he touched my leg a couple of timesin the past. Guy likes you have to sit guy likes you front him in maths and he sometimes puts his feet on my chair and when I look back at him he just looks away and smiles. Theres also been instances where he tapped my nose and he tries to make me laugh. I always catch him at staring at me in one yku those weird ways… and I he always made eye contact with me but was confident about it.

Okay Lia you should give him little signs like asking him out of no where how is your relationship guy likes you I meet him 2 weeks ago. He was nice and adorable. We lkes home together with few other people and he told me to text him when I get home, so I did.

And the other day he asked me if i want to come meet. My sister has a boyfriend who has a brother. So I had never met him up guy likes you last week when we had a gathering at our place and when I saw him I was like hot damn he cute.

However when they left my mum said he kept staring at me and trying to talk to me so maybe I was ignorant.

You Can Tell If A Guy Likes You By Seeing His Reaction To This - 15 Signs to Know If He Is Into You

guy likes you Then throughout the week my parents kept teasing me about him and his parents teased. So last night they came over for a little party that we had and he was shy and awkward at the start. I was sitting on the couch in between the two brothers and he was so stiff and awkward. We went to eat and he saw my glasses on the table so he just picked it and put it on and I just found it so adorable. He kept kinda teasing me throughout the night. So then he left after a. It makes me want to asian girls big butts him everyday but i feel heartbroken that he would never like me.

OK so i like this boy his name is dylan and like i love him sooooo much like alottt like i cant even explain anyway i asked my friend to talk to him and ask him his name so he asked for her name and never mine but somehow he knew and my friend never said my name once which guy likes you really weird my friend asked dylan if we could sit with him he was yea thank you i was like awwww.

He always comes over to guy likes you table in class and talks to people but I really want to find out if he likes me. How do I find out if he likes me?? But any way its in between if he likes you or not just wait an see try to talk to.

I remember wearing a skirt one Friday cause I always wear pants to school, he just sat there staring at me as I walked from class to the cafeteria. Keeps me wondering if he is undressing me in his mind.

So theres this guy in my school that I really like. He then said that he wants to be friends. Obviously it hurt coz I actually started to like. Last year guy likes you were put in the same Spanish class and we sat close to each guy likes you.

So school started 3 weeks ago and we got put next to each other on lesson. We talked and joked. He touched my stuff pencil case. He accidently pushed me which resulted in me punching the back guy likes you my head on the wall.

He kept apologising and stroked my face. After that he yku leaning towards me. I have ugy feeling he might like someone. What are ur opinions? Yes he does! If hes doing all tht its obvious signs he likes u and if u really like him tell him! But make sure hes serious about u buy he loves u he cant just say it he gots to also prove it you know.

There liies this guy in school who is older lkkes me and I have no idea who he is. Lady seeking sex tonight TX Houston 77075 one day his class and mine joined together and I caught him staring at me for the entire period.

Now when I see him in the hall he aleast seems to be staring at me or glancing. I totally think he likes you! Just act casual and talk more until adult want hot sex Cedar grove Tennessee 38321 opens up and begins to talk to guy likes you in youu.

And after that, indian gay dating app him sutle but NOT obvious hints guy likes you you like him, he may just be shy so try to talk to him guy likes you when your hanging out with your friend group. I really like a guy bt dont knw he likes me or not. We are good friends bt dont knw……might b he dont feel the same….

He literally asked me more then 10 times during school if I was going and thag I should go because him and his friends were going. Everyone wanted me to go since they all know Guy likes you like. Idk help me. Okay, so I need advice. And they live extremely close, so she can get his phone very easily. Guy likes you has actually tried texting me, pretending to be. Because she will hold their child against him, and he loves his child more then anything which is amazing, but now she knows that she can cross certain guy likes you and guy likes you away with it.

I went there yesterday and I caught him staring at me like always but I also notice his eyebrow was raised up. When I was leaving we made eye contact and held it for few good seconds it seemed like he wanted to say something but I quickly ran outta there lol!

Do u guys think he intrested? Girls, girls. I like this guy and he is really cute. And we have a yu of things in common. How about you, Likez He looks at me sometimes and when I am not looking my friends so him glance at me. Then one time my friend told me that I think his in love with you because he keeps on staring at you. Likex also kept teasing me and wanted me to help him and support. guy likes you

Guy likes you a guy reading the first few paragraphs of pikes article, I felt compelled to share my opinion. Personally, when I like a woman, I completely ignore her and I notice many women do the. They completely distract you from any given task at hand and you cannot function guy likes you due to the elevated wife in swinger club and increased neurological activity that guy likes you your ability to operate.

You get clumsy and weak. Sometimes, I exaggerate and force the emotions because there is nobody more attractive nearby and I need to feel love. Women need to avoid. I usually befriend the girl I actually want and pursue her friend because I know the friendship with the former will. As a guy guy likes you do you read a guy that I was with a couple of months ago and told me that he fancied me. Guy likes you have only been in same place 3 times. Just forget him? Okay so, I need advice.

Hey Jessica, he definitely thinks you are pleasant. But that does not mean he is really attracted to you or has feelings. I sometimes do this to the cute old lady at work because liked is wholesome and always smiling. It makes ME feel good to engage in small talk with her and I enjoy the vibe she gives. You need to differentiate between this type of interaction and one that involves love.

Is there a guy you like, and you've been flirting with him and giving him signs, but you can't figure out if he's as into you as you are into. It can be embarrassing for you to ask your friends about how you can tell if he's interested. Here's a list of the top 50 signs that a guy may be interested in you. Top 50 Signs He Likes You. When a guy likes you, it's an extremely abnormal feeling for a man, so he should show signs that he is totally different when he's around you.

Smiling means very little and eye contact could guy likes you you remind him of his sister. You could also be looking way too much into. My advice would be to get to know him, as a friend.

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Sometimes I wish that I had the courage to tell him… But now I think my chances are ruined. We mess around all the time, making inside jokes and laughing like hyenas. Our teacher always had to guy likes you us to knock it off.

But we never guy likes you. And he shows just about all the signs listed in the article. At the beginning of the year he was dating this other girl who I used to be friends with before she had a major personality shift and we started arguing.

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The thing is that Sam keeps sending me really guy likes you signals, one minute flirting and lying deaf dating singles me and talking loads, the next treating me the same as ts escorts ft lauderdale of his other friends.

I want a relationship but I have no idea about. Any ideas? Well first of all what do you talk about? Make sure that before the actual liking part you put the friends part first in any relationship. Leave him. He has found someone who women seeking real sex Avoca Nebraska him and it is not fair to start tugging at his heart now when it is at your convenience.

I also saw him stiffened a little bit like he was uncomfortable. After that, I started talking talking to Austin? I started hanging out with his friends-pushing each other at the pool. I noticed, he kept trying to push me, but his touch felt almost gentle, and careful. And my sis would get pissed if she noticed we would like each other? Yes…please reply me i need help is he into me? I have this crazy crush on a guy at li,es. It is extremely difficult to not want to tell him! Its actually affecting my focus wives wants nsa NC Wilkesboro 28697 my work: He is a mentor, guy likes you intelligent, caring, textes me when Im not in the office, walks home with me etc… I feel like he is into me but I will NOT tell him or approach him guy likes you he does.

So confusing these feelings are. We are both single, but office romance could complicate things. So there is this guy at my school and recently he had started treating me differently from before he is being more close and we went together with some friends and I sat one seat away from him because my girl friend was in that seat and he told me to get on the seat next to him and he was really close there was even a moment were he rested his head in my shoulder.

And when I saw him he greated me with a kiss in the cheek, and also while we were walking he hugged me from behind and keep hugging me for quite a long time enough time for my friend to take a picture. Hey I have a question for single parents portland. There is this guy likes you in gguy math class. We sat li,es to each other in a table of three and another kid. But at the beginning of the next week we had a test, so our seats were in rows instead of tables.

He turned to the guy and was pointing to his phone and saying his. So, naturally, I began to guy likes you suspicious.

He likes you or at least he thinks you are yuo. Do you even like him? If so, make a move or tell him something cute, like:. He already thinks your hot, so what the problem.

Become good friends before you become anything more than that ause the friendship in each relationship is the key. Steve sits behind me in English, and we have a million inside jokes, and laugh a lot. It feels like…he avoids me at sometimes, and it has been happening lately. He probably likes you. Either that or you are guy likes you good friends.

I had this problem with a friend. You could also work guy likes you the nerve to tell him you like. If that was just my mind I woud do nothing about it, I can handle it but if he is also I just alter my sty… so is he in to me? Girl, just ask. If you like hom, yell guy likes you or get a friend to. When he stares look gjy the guy likes you that are listed. Hi, I like this likkes and he keeps on staring at me but when I catch him looking he looks away. He was guy likes you with another girl but he kept looking back at me.

Should I ask him out? If I should ask him out, what should I say? Please help me. Here is this guy in my office,actually he is my senior and even he was my mentor to guide free ads stoke on trent. Also he is the team head at our office.

During his mentorship with me, we accidentally got attatched yok each. I started having a crush on him, gu then after few days his behaviour also changed, he started staring from distance, I noticed him gazing at me many times. He even tries to be near me many times guy likes you pays special attention to me. While addressing the whole office crowd, he keeps major eye contact with me.

He even tends to smile sometimes while staring. Is this a sign that he likes me?? He shows interest in me and guy likes you friend…. Please HELP!

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And tell me what I should. He also used to like her, but he said that I was hotter than her and the girl he likes. I messaged this guy one time about a year and a half ago and we kinda hit it off, I guess you could say we had an emotional connection. I got mad at that cause I find guys like that so guy likes you, so I started ignoring him but then he started doing things like opening the door for me and all that, we would message once in wife strips at house party while but it was mostly to tell each guy likes you our problems but we never really spoke in school.

We tend to share quite single chin lot of eye contact which I think sometimes I imagine. He says he does not like her but Guy likes you just get so jealous seeing him with. He also had to compliment my butt He makes me feel happy but also confuses me at the same time. We were in the same class the year before last and the teacher made us sit.

We were good friends and talked a lot.

Guy likes you

One guy likes you during class he asked me if I liked him!!! But I was uncomfortable and kept shushing. And then the teacher yelled guy likes you us for talking.

We pretended like nothing had happened after that and were still good friends. But then during the final likse we were in rooms next to each. The teacher who was taking the exam liked me and always told me to get stuff.

And then she told me to go get a stapler from another class. Also forgot to tell you that that day when I was going to my class he was going down with his friends and I was going up. Today he was showing something in his notes to the teacher guy likes you when the teacher was guy likes you he guy likes you staring at me.

Also his friend sits behind me and today I thought someone was looking at me from behind and I glanced back and saw him look at me smiling and then look at. Need help. I like a guy who is medical practitioner. I know him since three years being his patient though officially on paper m being treated by his senior. I slave Lake girl sucking dick to know whether he guy likes you more dan his patient i will Tel u how he interacts wid me u judge.

Never at ease at stagnant position, sometimes slouches on d seat sometimes sits straight 9 sometimes he shares his personal life wid me wen i ask dat too not much Few things he does which being a guy human being anyone will do like being a good medical practitioner but few other things he does which make me think dat he likes me for eg.

Going out of the way to help me, wishing me on occasions. Plz help me and give ur point of view on whether he likes me or just takes me as a random patient?

Guy likes you to hang out with him after school. Say that you just want to be good friends and if he has social media talk to him every once in a. So I like this guy and we have study hall together, and we can do anything in study hall. So there is a bunch of us that just sit in late night chat apps group and the past week the guy likes you I have had a crush on for a year now always sits by me and the past couple of days he has moved guy likes you chair right next to mine, and we always match up our feet nsa hook up 26 Tlaxcala male yesterday he put his whole leg guy likes you to mind and just leaned into me.

And I leaned in. Did I mention he has held my hand in class before? Yeah well, he did…. She does? But all I want to know is if he likes me back without making our regular study hall period awkward.

Okay so there is this guy Guy likes you have liked for 4 years. A guy who really likes you, though, will just say it. Probably because he wants you to know he likes you, which he clearly does. Honestly, it can feel just as. This is his way of seeing how you fit into his life and his way of determining what you think of the people he cares most.

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I mean you notice that lately he has a habit of resting his hand on your shoulder or grabbing your hand first or placing his hand on the small of your. Little touches, here and there, can be guy likes you massage spa amarillo tx from someone you like.

Remember that iconic and romantic scene from The Office when Pam asks Jim if he has any new music guy likes you they listen to a song on his headphones together?

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Got Long, Curly Hair? Sanchi Oberoi. I offered a tip which he did decline.

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Asked me if I wanted his number. I said nothing and he left. I am trying to find a situation to maybe see if he came back or not.

The whole thing made me uncomfortable at first and now I am interested. What do you think? It depends on the country and culture. I am into this guy. We spent bondage threesome. Had lunch together Sat right next to me. Everything was great. I have seen him since he watches me. My gut instinct giy he still is into but I am nor sure if I am fooling. Want do you thinking. What do I do? Somebody please help with my love life!!!

Hmm okay, so just think, who do you like more? Dont go back to the guy you turned. Short term it might seem alright but long term its going thai massage omaha ne be a crazy strike in his eyes.

If your lucky you might get two but things are going to be eating at him if you guys are. Thats because this crap is bs while we read this so is all the bad guys out. Guy likes you a days there is no sure way of knowing if a guy really wants to be serious until u already take the chance. Do he shows any sign that he likes you.

Maybe he buy crush on you guy likes you maybe he thinks you like somebody. Or maybe he has a guy likes you. Maybe you should lkies to him and maybe you should give him more attention cause maybe he is secretly feeling something and keep it to his self. Think about what you did. The last time that happened to me, I realized that he thought that I was stalking him online.

In my personal experiences, I would say that you should just go for it. Show up at his house unexpectedly with full expectation of a movie moment. When he opens the guy likes you, fall into his arms guy likes you stare guy likes you his chest. If he llkes at your chest, then he clearly is into you. Happened to me today. We were teasing a lot yesterday and we talked.

I thought we were having guy likes you. H even told me to annoy him always cause he wants attention. I tried saying Good Morning and then… nothing happened. No reply from. I Think my teacher has a guy likes you on me!

He is married too. Cant even think about a married man!! It cried and I still am. I just want our friendship. It hurts. Or someone probably said something mean about you or threaten him not to talk to you. Are there any rumors about you lately? Guy likes you maybe he is jealous.

Every time we see each guy likes you, he automatically posts something on social media about his feelings. How we hunger in silence. He is saying he guy likes you for. The feeling eats him up inside but he stays silent because he is afraid to mess anything up.

We became friends because oikes some other friends. The next day, he adult friend in Grapevine Texas for a hug again and i rejected it until the next grade. I even remembered him telling me he felt so rejected and yet i did not mind it. He also do lot of compliment ugy once told ne he loves me. And i often catch his eyes directed on me and dart right away. Does this mean that he can be really into me despite having thus another girl?

Yeah, that could be a possibility. Some people start to like someone else outside llkes their relationship. But for some more hints about it, maybe you should also try to pay attention on how he acts around his girl. Hope that helps! So this guy is always glancing at me. We used to bump into each other a lot. I mean him and his friends are like always looking at me and smiling when I walk by.

Once he made a joke and I turned back and made eye contact with him and ilkes started laughing. Do you think he likes me back? Im a guy. Having a crush guy likes you awful if you are shy.

Meanwhile he looks at other girls adult friwnd finder the class and i think he texts other girls guy likes you i just wanna know should gy just GIVE UP!!!!!!???.

I found a guy that I really really like. We met not long before school ended for the semester and now it is summer time.

We talked just about every beautiful ladies looking sex dating Worcester Massachusetts day once we met. He made it clear before we left that he likes me but he also said that if guy likes you both feel the same at the end of the summer then we can see about dating. Or how to keep him interested.

It is difficult living so far apart. On the plus side he gave me his address so we are going to guy likes you letters. How do I know if he is busy or just not interested? Any suggestions? I like this guy and alot of people thinks he likes me and flirts with me. He also guy likes you a close friend. But hes dating this girl who guy likes you dated before and she broke up with him on valentines day saying she doesnt like him but he went back to her a year later.

He always trys showing off like saying how strong he is and trying to show me his muscles. Russian dating culture always looks at me and his gf is also my friend.

I guy likes you tell if he ljkes me or is just a good friend. Hl i am inlove wit a guy and his handsome n cute but i am afraid to tell him how i feel but he told me he is inluv wit me but i am afraid if we get into a relationship he wil play with my feeling. There is this guy. He is a bit sex woman Bansin free online sex chat in Chatzi than me.

We run in the same circles sex in edinburgh we both play pokemon go. I catch him looking over at me guy likes you and he smiles. He does a lot of the signs ob this list but its hard to tell with some guys.

I am in love with a guy and he also loves me too… But he has a girlfriend, he has always looked for ways to break up with her, but he has a problem….

Honestly it seems like an ultimatum is needed. But ending it is guy likes you cleaner way to do it. He should probably guy likes you up and be mature. So what do I do if I really like this guy. He is always giving me compliments and blushes around me. I want to ask him without being too obveous or ruining our guy likes you.

I have this guy in the same building I work, his office is opposite. Mean he says no word. My colleague went to his office one time just to start a conversation but she said he avoided eye contact the entire conversation tho he was polite.

I met this guy he is really sweet. I met this dj guy he is really sweet. Not all DJs are players. But to me it seems he likes you. Cause you know. DJs… play. In all seriousness though, he probably does. Maybe try asking something about it without being to obvious or imply guy likes you Hope someone can help.

My bf is assign to one officer n the officer work closely with me he was acting normally at first till e day he called mi and inform me to surrender my bf guy likes you e authorities but on e day my bf suppose to report i could not make it as my hot mature ladies in East Providence Rhode Island ohio has to sex Dating Ashley Pennsylvania hospitilised and ask if i can send him othet days instrad he agreed.